Arbitration Services

With the continuous growth and development of the business and service sector, the chances of a dispute arising are very high. Also, these disputes not only hamper the day to day functioning of a business, but the resolution of the same through Civil Courts is both a time-consuming and expensive task. So, to save time, resources, and energy, Arbitration has emerged as one of the alternatives for litigants to resolve issues in an expeditious manner.

Arbitration is an alternative mechanism to decide a dispute by an independent and impartial third party, known as an Arbitrator. An Arbitrator is mutually appointed by the parties, and the decision passed will be of binding nature. Therefore, ADR acts as a viable choice for those who want to solve their issues by staying out of court that too, with the flexibility of deciding rules and procedures.

SJ Juris believes in an Inventive and Proactive Litigation Management Process with the aim of providing negotiated dispute resolutions. The firm has Attorneys with significant experience in International and Domestic Arbitration, Online and Offline Mediation, and other forms of ADR.

The firm holds vast experience in the filing of Statement of Claim, drafting of Arbitration Agreement, Applications for Drafting Interim Relief, Applications under Section 11, and defending Applications under Section 34 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996.