Criminal Litigation

If you have been charged with some crime, whether cognizable or non-cognizable or have been arrested by Police Officials, the first thing which should come in your mind is to consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer, particularly when the main question involved is your freedom. An experienced and well-qualified criminal defense lawyer can easily clarify your rights and interests in all stages of the Criminal Procedure. Not only will it advice and defend the case for you, but will help to prevent Imprisonment or Police Custody as well.

Criminal Cases need in-depth analysis, extensive research, and efficient drafting skills. SJ Juris has a dedicated and well-experienced team of Criminal Attorneys to recommend and assist its clients in cases involving exposure under the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure and Indian Penal Code. The firm operates with a proper systematic approach and handles every aspect and facet of the case with utmost due importance.

Also, the firm has vast experience in handling cases related to women, insider trading, defamation, banking frauds, cheque bounce, forgery, etc. It has successfully represented all types of Criminal Cases, in all the Indian Courts, consisting of District Courts, High Courts, and the Supreme Court of India.