Real Estate Law

At present, the Indian Real Estate Sector is booming at its peak, due to continuous Economic Growth and Urbanization. Also, we Indians consider the investment in property as the most stable and secured out of all for the long term. However, it shall be noted that the transactions concerning property, not only involve intricate and backbreaking paperwork, but they require a clear understanding of the laws in respect of renting, buying, and selling as well. That means the knowledge of Real Estate Laws is a must to understand the niceties of property investment.
Therefore, to avoid the case of inconvenience and unwarranted loss, having a well-experienced lawyer and team should be the first choice. At SJ Juris, our team of professionals has extensive experience in handling some of the prominent and multifaceted property disputes. Also, the firm has gained the trust and confidence of its clients by rendering end-to-end innovative, pioneering, and problem-solving advice that, too, within an established time frame.
The firm assists its clients right from the stage of
Due diligence exercise pertaining to property/ land acquisition, builder contract, ownership records and provide opinion on ownership title, marketability and non-encumbrance status of properties, including contractual document relating to collaboration, development, sale, purchase, and transfer of built-up residential flats and commercial spaces.
Title investigation on the basis of the documents provided, from Sub-Registrar, & revenue officers offices & acquiring of approvals and final execution of the deed.
Vetting of title documents and submission of search reports as per pre-agreed format.
Documentation of the deeds/instruments for various transactions.
Further, the firm is involved in drafting several kinds
of legal documents as well, such as the Joint Venture Agreement, Lease Deed, Sale Deed, Transfer Deed, tripartite agreement, Development agreement, Builder Buyer Agreement, Power of Attorney, etc.