Succession Law

People set up trusts for many reasons; to protect and preserve wealth for a particular side of the family and to protect assets or beneficiaries. But when setting up a trust, careful consideration must be given to selecting a trustee, as they take legal ownership of and responsibility for the trust assets, always acting in the best interests of the beneficiaries. If they choose the wrong trustee, a testator could jeopardise the safety of their assets in the future. Trustees have a big responsibility, which begins and ends in a substantial amount of (unsurprisingly)

Everyone needs an estate planning lawyer to make the decisions that will protect you and your loved ones if you die intestate (without a will), what happens to your things will be determined based on the intestacy laws. When establishing your will it may be best to seek the help of a professional, as all wills must go through a legal process called probate, where an authorized court administrator examines them, and this can be a complicated process.

What Is Intestate? Intestate refers to dying without a legal will. A will, at its most basic level, is a set of instructions stipulating who gets what and who manages the testator’s property immediately after the testator’s death. For those with adequate wealth, it is also one of several documents that, taken together, create an estate plan designed to minimize estate taxes and ensure an orderly administration of property following the testator’s death. A will also is used to appoint a guardian if there are minor children.

We help to formulate succession plans to take care of all contingencies.

Our experts will assist you with everything, right from formulating the succession planning or Sometimes you want to know what a testator earlier will say. If you are thinking of challenging a later will or Formulate proper estate planning, creating a revocable trust or Testamentary matters (grant of probate, letters of administration, succession certificate and Proceedings before the Authorities.