Cyber Law

The word “Cyber” involves acts of using the internet and computers. Therefore, the concept of Cyber law can be denoted as that branch of law that deals with the relationship between the internet and technological elements, particularly consisting of the computer’s software and hardware.

Internet Crime is the same as Cyber Crime and includes offenses, such as unauthorized email access, phishing attack, malware by email, trolling, cyber scams, child pornography, fake antivirus, phishing, credit card frauds. At worst, Cyber Crime can result in financial loss and can potentially endanger a victim’s both personal safety and reputation.

Based on the provisions of Cyber laws, one can secure his/ her privacy, information access, communication, and freedom of speech concerning the Internet, email, websites, computers, and other such devices. Further, the provisions of the Information Technology Act have global jurisdiction that means one can file a complaint at any cyber cell, regardless of the location of the incident.

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