Insolvency and Bankruptcy

In India, one of the biggest challenges of the last decade was to overcome Insolvency and Bankruptcy, as the law pertaining to the same was out-dated and archaic. Therefore, to ease the distressed credit market and improve the business environment, there was a significant need to make reforms in the insolvency and bankruptcy regime.

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 was passed with the aim to provide a uniform, consistent, and comprehensive set of legislations comprising of all the partnerships, LLPs, companies, and individuals.

The Code has shifted the prototype to the “Creditor in Control” from the existing “Debtor in Possession” regime. Not only does it aim to resolve the insolvencies in a time bound manner but clearly explains the Order of Priority as well. The IBC 2016 has an overriding effect on all the other prevailing insolvency and bankruptcy laws.

SJ Juris has been closely involved in guiding and advising investors, debtors, and creditors in various large out of court restructuring, consisting of Bond Restructuring Matters. Till now, the firm has advised several acquirers, creditors, and office holders in a number of precedent cases under the Insolvency Bankruptcy Code 2016.

The partners of the firm hold extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of Restructuring, Financing, Dispute Resolution, and Projects Advisory, and aim to offer both effective and efficient solutions to the intricate and complex issues arising during the process of insolvency resolution.