Family Law

Family Law means a consolidation of laws that regulate relationships based on the religions practiced in India, together with marriage, divorce, children, adoption, inheritance, succession, wills, and related economic matters. The main aim behind the enactment was to provide some furnished procedural structures and quick and beneficial remedies to the aggrieved parties.

However, the same involves several overlapping and complicated facets due to various sects of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Jainism, and Christianity. Also, the incidence of issues concerning jurisdiction and the applicability of law on NRIs and Cross Border Families makes it more confusing and difficult to understand. Therefore, without an experienced expert opinion, issues and intricacies of Family Law can become a tiring and arduous task.

At SJ Juris, our team of specialized attorneys will assist the clients at all stages of life, whether it’s the start of a relationship or the conclusion.  Not only does the firm aim to provide adequate relief to its clients, but it ensures their privacy at such a delicate time as well.

The firm has a vivid experience and skills of handling intricate and convoluted matters of family law, such as adoption, wills, testaments, succession, custody disputes, etc. that, too, in a constructive, pragmatic, and innovative manner.