Labour Law

With the course of time and the flexibility in doing business, India has emerged as one of the most chosen places by the corporates and big ventures in the world. The said impression is so deep-rooted that today even the youngsters and common people prefer to establish their own business.

However, scenarios, such as withholding wages and deferred salaries, radical shifts, arbitrarily delayed promotions, illegal termination, and stalled final settlements, are very normal for several companies and industrial houses to do with their employees and workers these days. As a result, over the time, issues and intricacies of Labour Law have gained significant meaning for the companies and organizations operating in India.

Labour Law denotes a body of laws that aims to safeguard the rights and interests of the workers and employees in India. The applicability of the same varies on the type and nature of the organization.

SJ Juris has a specialized and learned team of Labour Lawyers, who have advised various companies, central universities, hotels, industrial players, and real estate developers about the particulars and specifics of Labour Law. The firm has unmatched experience in representing clients before the appropriate legal forums and getting their outstanding claims cleared on time.

Further, the firm also holds expertise in the drafting of Employment Contracts, POSH, Offer Letters, Confidentiality Agreements, HR Policy, Companies Policies, Maternity Policies, and Pension and Gratuity Policy.