Economic Offence

In today’s era, intricate regulatory compliances and unpredictable economic conditions are two serious challenges for businesses functioning across the country. Starting from inadvertent violations at the employee level to non-compliance with different legal provisions, legal challenges are both multifaceted and vast.

SJ Juris is one of the leading law firms in India that deals with cases relating to intricate company frauds, market manipulation, conflict of interest, bribery, investment frauds, and insider training, etc. The firm has a team of qualified and dedicated litigators who have rendered services and comprehensive legal solutions to companies, multinational corporations, and institutions.

The firm has vast knowledge and expertise to offer a single inquiry window and effective solution to all the enforcement and legal concerns relating to Anti Money Laundering, Black Money, Benami Law before the Initiating Officer, ED (Enforcement Directorate), Adjudicating Authority, etc.

The firm has been engaged in several white collar crimes, such as cases of economic offence against the top-level management in several companies, and has also assisted various foreign businesses operating in India with the false criminal cases initiated against them to settle commercial disputes.